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Monday, November 19, 2007

tasklist - cmd in windows similar to ps cmd in linux

The people who have worked in Unix and its flavours, would have definitely come across a command called 'ps' (which stands for 'process status'). As such the 'ps' command gives you the list of processes running and the pid (process id) etc.,

There is a command to achieve the same in Windows OS too. That is 'tasklist'. Just execute in the command prompt. Here it gives the "Image Name", "PID", "Session name", "Session#", "Mem Usage".

Image Name -> the name of the process running
PID -> as you know, the process id (unique id which the OS refers to)
Session name -> it shows 'Console' but have to check what it really means
Session # -> should be a session id and for console it gives '0'.
Mem usage -> the amount of memory each task/process occupies.

Here is the sample screenshot of the same.

It looks like the CUI version of the 'task manager' :)

NOTE: It may not work in all versions of Windows. As such i have tested in Windows XP. I believe it must definitely work in 2000 also. Not sure about the previous versions of 98,95 etc., will check and update later.

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